Our services include a wide range of solutions to meet industry needs, from consultation to implementation and ongoing support

Engine Leases

Our engine leasing services offer flexible options for short and long-term leases, including the highly sought-after PW4000 and CFM56-5/7 engines.  AAG is set out to acquire Aircraft and Engines with and/or without green time for leased equipment.

Aircraft Leases

Our Aircraft Leases service offers a wide range of options for aviation needs, including A319, A320, A330 and B737 aircraft. With our flexible leasing solutions, businesses and airlines can access modern and reliable aircraft to meet operational requirements.

Parts Consignment

Our Parts Consignment service provides comprehensive solutions for managing LRU (Line Replaceable Unit), USM (Used Serviceable Material), and new surplus expendable components, as well as Engine and Airframe Teardown Parts in the aviation industry via a predictable pipeline and flow of end-of-life Aircraft and Engines ready to be disassembled for parts. Our consignment program includes a wide range of LRU, USM, and new expendable/consumable components, as well as engine and airframe teardown parts.

Asset Acquisition & Management

Our Asset Acquisition and Management services provide comprehensive solutions for MRO and airlines looking to acquire and effectively manage aviation assets. With our industry expertise and global network, we assist in identifying, acquiring, and managing aviation assets that align with our customers’ operational and financial objectives. Our services encompass all stages of the asset acquisition process, from asset evaluation and selection to financing and acquisition negotiations and fully monetizing the acquired assets.

Supply Chain Solutions

We supply heavy maintenance providers and airlines with cost effective solutions for their supply chain and purchasing needs. With our known speed to market execution, the supply chain solutions encompass all stages of the product acquisition process, from evaluation and selection to financing and acquisition negotiations and fully monetizing the acquired product.